Yes, getting loans with Credit Checker is possible. Find out how to do it here.

In front of the traditional banks and other private financial entities that request some type of guarantee, in Currency Now it is possible to obtain an online loan through a simplified procedure. This is because we go beyond your credit history and we only worry that you are solvent to face the payment of your loan.

What is Credit Checker? Definition

What is Credit Checker? Definition

A database founded in 1967 by entities of a financial nature, telecommunications, operators of energy services, publishers and insurance companies, which collects information related to equity solvency and Customer credit from one of the more than one thousand partners that today integrate Credit Checker.

In other words, the Credit Checker is the largest list of defaulters that we can find today in Spain. And being part of it, therefore, is as easy as not paying a bill to any of the companies that are part of the association, which will include that information in the file.

What can I do to leave a Credit Checker?

What can I do to leave a Credit Checker?

The output of Credit Checker depends entirely on the ‘delinquent’ in question since it must be the creditor himself who requests his exclusion from the file. First, you must check if you are in the list and for this, we recommend reading: How to know if I am in Credit Checker

Once your inclusion has been verified, it is possible to request the departure of Credit Checker in several cases, such as those mentioned below:

♦ When the debt incurred has been paid and the name of the creditor remains in the file.

♦ If six years have elapsed since registration since it does not legally give personal information on the creditworthiness of a person once after this time.

♦ If the inclusion in the file has not been conveniently communicated to the individual in question by letter.

♦ If the debt is not real, the alleged creditor disagrees or the default cannot be demonstrated.

♦ In cases of phishing. That is if the debt has been contracted by a person who has supplanted the identity of another.

“To exit Credit Checker first verify your inclusion and investigate the causes. There are cases in which you can revoke your inclusion: When you have already paid off the debt when it has been prescribed when you were not notified when the debt is not real and in case of impersonation. 

Why do I reject a loan with Credit Checker?


Traditional banking generally shows its suspicions when it comes to facilitating liquidity, so it asks for quite strict requirements to ensure the solvency of the applicant. The reason is none other than the fear of losing your investment.

Therefore, it is usual for the bank to which a personal loan is requested to request some type of guarantee or guarantee to demonstrate the creditworthiness of the person requesting the loan. This type of guarantee is usually a property whose value can face in whole or in part the default or contribute to a guarantor, a person who can respond to the debt in case of default.

Although things become more complicated when the name of the applicant appears in a delinquent file. In this case, most banks will deny the request in ipso facto mode. And is that being in Credit Checker is an exclusive factor for most traditional financial institutions. However, there are online financial companies, such as Currency Now, that does not consider it a reason for definitive exclusion.

“Being on a list of defaulters is usually an exclusionary factor to grant a loan in banking entities”

How can I get loans with Credit Checker?

How can I get loans with Credit Checker?

The assessment of the solvency capacity of a user in Currency Now takes into account a multitude of factors and one of them is to check if the user is in a list of delinquents. We also do this check, just like traditional banking. However, it is not an exclusionary factor because we not only take credit history into account but many other factors that allow us to have a holistic view of each individual’s personal circumstances.

“Currency Now also checks if the credit applicant is in the file, but is not an exclusive factor”

The only thing you have to worry about is having your identity document and your online bank account number, email address, and mobile number. In addition, we give you all the information you need in a clear, transparent and understandable way, without surprise commissions. Everything is clearly specified in the credit agreement that you will receive by email.

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